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* The only two members of the actual Barrow Gang that were still alive at film's release were Blanche Barrow and William Daniel Jones.

* Warner Brothers had so little faith in the film that, in a then unprecedented move, they offered its first-time producer Warren Beatty 40% of the gross instead of a minimal fee. The movie then went on to gross over $50 million.

* The poem that Bonnie Parker is reading as the police raid their hideout is The Story of Suicide Sal[1], one of only two poems by the real Bonnie Parker known to exist (The other being The Story of Bonnie and Clyde[2]).

* While Blanche Barrow approved the depiction of her in the original version of the film's script. she objected to the futher re-writes, and at the film's release, complained loudly over Estelle Parsons' Oscar-winning performance of her, stating "That film made me look like a screaming horse's ass!"

* Warner Brothers did not want to release the film due to the violence. Warren Beatty apparently begged them to release it.

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