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Articles: 23 Connections to Reservoir Dogs

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In Tarantino's 1992 mainstream directorial debut Reservoir Dogs, Michael Madsen plays a character named "Vic Vega," whom Tarantino has said is brother to Travolta's "Vincent Vega."

There are some who think that the briefcase contains the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino, however, confirms that Reservoir Dogs is meant to end with Mr. Pink's capture by the police. Steve Buscemi is later seen playing a waiter in Jack Rabbit Slim's; however it is unknown if he is playing the Mr Pink character. The fact that Buscemi is playing a waiter in Pulp Fiction is very ironic, considering that his Reservoir Dogs character, Mr. Pink, explains in the opening scene why he doesn't believe in tipping waiters. Even more so when Vincent says that "Buddy Holly doesn't seem to be much of a waiter". This could mean that this is Mr. Pink before the Reservoir Dogs robbery and as he wasn't a good waiter, he was never tipped well, so he doesn't tip other waiters as a form of revenge or jealousy.

On the radio in Reservoir Dogs, a commercial for Jack Rabbit Slim's can be heard in a car.

Also, in a deleted scene from Reservoir Dogs, Nice-Guy Eddie is telling Mr. White and Mr. Pink that he called Bonnie, a nurse that he knows. In Pulp Fiction, Jimmie's wife, Bonnie, is a nurse. She is also African-American, which the guys in the car imply her to be. At one point, Mr. White even refers to what they're talking about as the "Bonnie Situation", which was the title of the last chapter of Pulp Fiction.

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