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Scarface has been frequently referred to in other movies and on television. Memorable lines are quoted in Jane Austen's Mafia!, The Simpsons, and South Park, among others. Tony Montana's style of dress (along with that of Don Johnson's Sonny Crockett character on Miami Vice) became synonymous with both the cool and sleazy aspects of 1980s pop culture.

Scarface is also notable for its extensive popularity with many hip-hop artists and fans, in particular those affiliated with gangsta rap. A number of rappers single out Tony Montana as a role model for his transition from poverty to wealth. Many Latino and Hispanic rappers dress like characters from the film, though they only opt to emulate the "street clothes" Tony's crew wears in the beginning of the movie, neglecting the flashy suits which he wears for the majority of the film. It has also become very popular to embroider or emboss images of Tony onto leather jackets and pants. Lines from the film are also frequently sampled on hip-hop songs; the Houston-based Geto Boys was one of the earliest rap groups to sample the lines and dialogue. Music from the movie has also been sampled in the instrumentals for hip-hop songs such as Mobb Deep's "G.O.D. Pt. III" and "It's Mine". Nas recorded a song "The World is Yours" based on the motto Tony Montana lived by. One hip-hop artist - Brad Jordan (later a member of the Geto Boys) has even gone so far as to name himself Scarface after the film, and another goes by the name Tony Montana. A Houston-area art car artist is known to wear flashy pimp suits modeled after the ones seen in the film. Various Latin rap artists such as Fat Joe, Big Pun, Cuban Link and The Beatnuts sample famous lines from the movie Scarface and pay regular homage to the lead character, Tony Montana.

In 2003, in preparation for the release of Scarface on DVD, Universal made controversial plans to have modern hip-hop artists record an entirely new musical score for the film, which would take the place of the original 1980s New Wave soundtrack. The move was decried by fans of the film, and DePalma, who had a contractual final cut on the film, refused to edit it.

Rockstar North, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto video games are evidently quite fond of the film; Grand Theft Auto III features nearly the entire soundtrack as one of the ingame radio stations, and the sequel Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a reimagining of the film, even featuring a replica of Tony Montana's lavish mansion with such precise details as reproductions of the security cameras' views on a group of tiny screens. There is also a hidden bloody room with a chainsaw pick-up as a sort of re-enactment of the chainsaw torture scene.

Scarface also made its way into the video game Hitman, in which one of the stages is called 'Say hello to my little friend', which is a famous quote from Tony Montana. The same level is based in Latin America and the antagonist of the level is a man who is dressed identically to Montana and dies with a simular re-enactment of the end scene where Montana dies in the movie.

Tony's line 'Say hello to my little friend' has been used in numerous films and video games, usually in the same context as Tony when he uttered in the film, right before the speaker fires a powerful firearm.

A licensed video game, Scarface: The World is Yours is currently being developed by Radical Entertainment and is scheduled to be released by Vivendi Universal Games sometime in 2006. The game is reported to be a pseudo-sequel, and goes on the premise that Tony actually survived the raid on his mansion from the end of the film.

The song "Scarface (Push It To The Limit)" that is played when the movie shows Tony's wealth and success, was also used in one of the South Park episodes depicting Cartman training to win a disabled olympics. "Scarface" reappeared in a recent episode of South Park when Cartman quotes the movie during a South Park Talent Show.

Actual Cuban emigre of the famous 1980 exodus-and famous Hip-Hop artist-Cuban Link; has written a follow up script to Scarface titled: "Son of Tony".

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